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5 Good Reasons for MedTech Manufacturers to Use an Outsourced Staffing Provider

Eastridge Blog posted by Whitney Andrews on

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Eastridge Workforce Solutions recently acquired Operon Resource Management, a leading provider of specialized job preparation and workforce solutions for healthcare product manufacturers, including medical device and pharmaceutical companies. Operon is the only ISO 13485 registered staffing company in the USA, enabling it to provide purpose-built solutions for FDA regulated medical device manufacturers. Learn more below about the value of Operon.

If your company outsources any of its manufacturing labor requirements to a staffing provider, or uses temporary labor, you understand that not all staffing firms are created equal. Operon is the first staffing firm to be certified to ISO 13485, meaning our internal quality management system is documented and controlled, just like yours. Here are five reasons to use a staffing provider that is ISO 13485 registered:

  1. Enhanced candidate quality: A defined, documented, and controlled on-boarding process for your production workforce.

  2. Accountability: Like any other outsourced provider, the staffing provider becomes accountable for compliance to their system and their client’s. The auditors come to Operon for on-boarding training and process control records.

  3. Reduced risk and cost: In addition to the higher quality candidate you get as a result of all the testing, screening and systems/process/facility training, you reduce the probability of system non-compliance. With the advent of the 2016 revision of ISO 13485, risk and supplier management will get considerably more attention. Having a supplier that is ISO 13485 registered will be viewed by most auditors as meeting these new requirements for key supplier management.

  4. Save time: A staffing firm like Operon does all the on-boarding, including a lot of the training, so you don't have to. Ask yourself: is on-boarding of manufacturing labor one of your company’s identified core-competencies? If not, your company should be outsourcing it to a competent provider so the organization can apply that bit of management attention to those really important and strategic business matters.

  5. Sales advantage: Every MedTech contract manufacturer uses contingent (temporary) labor and most customers express extreme angst when they learn their product is going to be built by “temps”. Imagine how your customer (or prospect) is going to react when you tell them that your temporary labor provider is certified to ISO 13845 (BSI Registered). Our clients can use Operon as a selling feature and benefit!

Operon and Eastridge can help you to find skilled workers who are a good fit for your company so your team doesn't waste time finding the wrong candidates. Give our staffing service a call today to learn more about how we can help with your hiring.


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