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Community Engagement Panel San Diego HR Roundtable

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Eastridge Workforce Solutions Presents at the San Diego HR Roundtable.

San Diego, CA – April 21, 2015 – Eastridge Workforce Solutions (“Eastridge”) presented at the April Lunch & Learn meeting with the San Diego Human Resources Roundtable at CRES Insurance Services. The panel discussion focused on ways San Diego’s best employers leverage their corporate social responsibility practices and drive community engagement.

Eastridge (Workforce Solutions) Presents

Presenter, Eastridge Workforce Solutions, had two influential, community-involved HR professionals as the panel moderators. Judy Enns, Ph.D., is Executive VP of the HR Division at Eastridge Workforce Solutions and has 30+ years of experience in staffing and HR consulting. The second panel moderator, Rebecca Smith, is a Senior Recruiter for the HR Division of Eastridge Workforce Solutions, where she provides quality staffing services for human resources professionals and companies in all sectors.

Eastridge HR Speaking At SDHR

Panel Members

The panel was human resource leaders from Qualcomm, Mission Federal Credit Union, Underground Elephant, and the San Diego Padres. These San Diego based companies have successfully collaborated with the community in relevant and creative ways, which has made them more successful at attracting candidates and developing employees. These HR professionals shared how their community involvement initiatives drive talent attraction and attachment.

Judy Enns of Eastridge HR Speaking

Panel Discussion Themes

This panel focused on four main themes: stimulating the “Purpose Economy”, corporate social responsibility, hiring for culture fit, and what is HR’s role in all of this.

The Purpose Economy is a concept that a series of shifts are taking place in the economy: A record number of millennials are trading in conventional career paths to launch tech start-ups, start small businesses that are rooted in local communities, or freelance their expertise. Source: . People are being motivated to connect their purpose to their work. Companies who understand this connection between people and their purpose, and establish purpose for their employees within their company, will thrive and prosper.

Second, a key element of a successful business is encouraging corporate social responsibility. It is important for businesses to lead by example and influence through their community presence.

When evaluating a candidate for hire, assessing their skills is not enough. Organizations need to consider the individual’s fit with the job and the culture of the company. Culture is extremely important because when employees consistently believe and practice the shared values, they provide an experience that customers seek.

Panel – Community Initiatives

The panel members share with us how their company gives back to the community.

Mission Fed Credit Union
Mission Federal Credit Union

Paula Morgan, VP HR of Mission Federal Credit Union explained how Mission Fed places a large focus on how they can make an impact in the community. The company’s mission has a double bottom line; financial performance and social mission.

Mission Federal gives back to their surrounding communities in different ways. They frequently sponsor the Holiday of Miracles at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego. They are also very supportive of education and have been giving back to the educational community in San Diego since 1961. They are currently giving back to the local schools, teachers and students through their programs of: Mission for Our Schools, Mission 2 $Save, and FoolProof Financial Education.

Mission Federal Presents HR to Eastridge

Mission Fed is actively involved in the Junior Achievement program. This program allows their employees to teach kids the basics for real life, such as how to pay bills, file taxes, how to save money, work at a bank, and tackle illiteracy. They also sponsor the annual Art Walk in San Diego. For 31 years, Mission Federal Artwalk has celebrated art in San Diego and has been a great event for the entire community. Mission Federal Credit Union is consistently reaching out and benefiting the community.

Underground Elephant
Underground Elephant

Underground Elephant’s HR Manager, Stacey Mendes, shared that their company fosters a team-oriented culture reflected in their community involvement. The company collaborates with the San Diego community by organizing all-company community events with organizations like Make A Wish Foundation, the San Diego Humane Society, and the San Diego Police Foundation.

Eastridge and Underground Elephant

Stacey shared how the company fosters a team-building environment that encourages employees to give back by donating their time and seeing the change with their own eyes. They have recently been involved with Make a Wish Foundation where they sent a little boy on his dream trip to go salmon fishing in Alaska. The whole company got involved by decorating their office like Alaska for a day and hosting fun activities to involve everyone. Underground Elephant believes it is important when they get involved in an outside organization, to get the whole team rallying behind it.


Qualcomm’s HR leader, Erica Fessia, joined us and opened with the statement, “HR has a leadership position and an obligation to be leaders in the community and organize the involvement.“

Erica noted that starting in late elementary school and middle school kids stop pursing math and science. Qualcomm wanted to find a solution to this problem and make an impact on how kids see education. So they started the Thinkabit lab for Qualcomm employees to empower kids through education and allow them exposure in the working world. The Thinkabit lab is a hands-on classroom at Qualcomm’s headquarters that shows students the practical applications of science, engineering, technology, and mathematics with Qualcomm innovators.

Qualcomm HR Professional Panel Presentation

This program invites Qualcomm employees to come to the lab during the workday and participate with the kids, enriching both the employees and students. Qualcomm has noticed that when their engineers volunteer on site, their performance, productivity, and positivity in the workplace increase. Learn more here.

San Diego Padres

Sara Greenspan, HR Director at the San Diego Padres, shared how they encourage their employees to step it up on and off the baseball field. They brainstormed how to make the biggest impact in the community and how to encourage others to give back to the San Diego community. The Padres paired with 20 non-profits and created the Padres Volunteer Team to give back to the greater San Diego area. This program allows Padres fans to join with Padre players, alumni and staff to donate their time to San Diego’s nonprofits, civic organizations, and Padres foundation activities.

The Padres have seen more employee engagement when they have employees and their families volunteer in the community. Learn more about how you can get involved with the Padres Volunteer Team here.

Padres HR Speak at SDHR


Motivating and retaining employees while collaborating with the community go hand in hand. Being able to engage your workforce leads to empowerment among them and stimulates finding their place of purpose. Organizations must recognize the changing mindset of the general workforce to be connected to something bigger and where they feel they are aligning themselves with their purpose.

Human Resource professionals can have a large role in changing their organization’s practices to drive community involvement initiatives. HR leaders today will be community organizers of tomorrow that can have a large impact the organization to build the very best team.


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